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Software for servers
    DFIRE, DOGMA, and etc., their executables are all freely available for academic users. Send your request to yqzhou@iupui.edu
Some Downloads can be accessed by Clicking here

  • SPalign: Protein Structure Alignment

  • dDFIRE executable codes

  • DMUTATION free download

    SPEM free download

    DDOMAIN free download

    ENDES free download

    LEAP free download

    SPARKS/SP3 free download available in the service page

    SPINE/Real-SPINE free download available in the service page

    Many other programs and files are downloadable in Publication pages.

    Databases of alpha, beta proteins Mutation database download 200 protein pdb name list Database of transmembrane proteins with 3-D structures

    pdb-to-tcd.f download

    Energy function for SPARKS MISC